Events and meetings

The Fifth Open SEAFOODplus Conference

Dates: 08-06-2008 to 10-06-2008

City: Copenhagen, Denmark

Description: The Fifth Open SEAFOODplus Conference will take place in the old Circus Building in the centre of Copenhagen. The conference will be the last in the present project period of SEAFOODplus after the project has been running for 4½ years.


The Fourth Open SEAFOODplus Conference

Date: 05-06-2007 to 06-06-2007

City: Bilbao, Spain

Description: A two day programme with the most recent SEAFOODplus research results of high relevance to the seafood industry in Europe will be presented in the modern Conference Centre Palacio Euskalduna

SEAFOODplus and InnovaRFID joint workshop

Date: 20-11-2006 to 21-11-2006

City: Trondheim, Norway

Description: A two day programme about RFID technology status and experiences with testing and implementations will be presented in the Rica Nidelven Hotel.


International Omega 3 Conference in Denmark

Date: 15-06-2006 to 16-06-2006

City: Helsingør, Denmark

Description: The 2nd meeting on developing functional foods with omega-3 fatty acids will take place on June 15 and 16, 2006 in Helsingør, Denmark. The meeting is organised jointly by SCANOmega, a project headed by DIFRES, SEAFOODplus and University of Massachusetts.

The Third SEAFOODplus Conference

Date: 29-05-2006 to 02-06-2006

City: Tromsø

Description: The programme for the third SEAFOODplus conference will cover two days open to the public. The first day is a pleanry session with presentation of new, exciting results from the project. The second day three symposia will be run in parallel.




The Second SEAFOODplus Conference

Date: 03-10-05 to 05-10-05

City: Granville

Description: The programme will be industry oriented revealing the latest innovative SEAFOODplus research results of highest relevance to the industry.



Open seminar on upgrading of seafood by-products

Date: 06-05-05

City: Reykjavik, Iceland

Description: The French Embassy in Iceland, the Icelandic Research Council, University of Iceland, the Icelandic Fisheries Laboratories and SEAFOODplus invites for an open seminar on upgrading of seafood by-products Proteins and bioactive peptides for novel food products.




The first SEAFOODplus Conference

Date: 04-10-04 to 06-10-04

City: Copenhagen

Description: The first SEAFOODplus Conference.




The Launching conference of SEAFOODplus

Date: 22-01-04

City: Borschette Centre, Rue Froissart , Brussels

Description: An Integrated Project funded under Priority 5 ‘Food Quality and Safety’, FP 6.


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